Plasma torches

Coverage for the entire range of plasma cutting.

ESAB offers a wide variety of plasma systems but consolidates on only two plasma torches.  With these two torches the full range of plasma cutting and marking can be accomplished.

Our products:


PT-36 plasma torch

Our innovative PT-36 plasma torch combines all the advantages of m3 plasma™ with a wide range of power sources. Full performance, little effort, the PT-36 masters everything perfectly. [more information]

PT-37 plasma torch

Our patented plasma torch PT-37 with long-life consumables minimizes operating costs. The robust machined torch components provide for reliability and durability even in toughest cutting conditions. [more information]

Plasma VBA Global Pro

The new Plasma VBA Global Pro for weld edge preparation offers a unique variety of performance. It cuts vertically, in dry cutting, under water, and even masters the task of water-injection cutting.

[more information]